Automotive Range
Our products work using biodegradable, eco-friendly products to add bacteria to the cleaning system. This bacteria grows and integrates into the system, producing active enzymes that break down organic compounds, out-competing other disease-causing bacteria

Detailers Car Wash

A biological eco-friendly car wash shampoo for highly detailed vehicles

Detailers clay lube

A biological eco-friendly Clay Lube spray for de‐contamination use in the detailing industry  

Premium wash and wax

A biological eco-friendly car wash and wax shampoo for highly detailed vehicles

Spray and wipe cleaner

A universal spray and wipe cleaner for furniture, glass, appliances Be sure to check out our guide to cleaning your car professionally here.
Professional car care that’s friendly on the planet Our range of eco-friendly car cleaners provide quality exptected by professional detailers and enthusiasts, so they’ll do wonders for domestic users as well. Be sure to check out our guide on car cleaning here and contact us for any further information. We supply domestic products as well as bulk containers for industrial and commercial use. We are also able to provide bespoke, specialist solutions to your car, garage or workshop needs.
....bring back your car’s mirror sheen
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